If you have ever thought about the best time for camping, when you don’t meet many tourists, because their presence is limited to the minimum – winter is the best time for it!It is also a very good opportunity to spend time in the open air. Hiking on the snow in special snowshoes is easy and doing mountain distances gives you a lot of fun. And when the night comes and you set up a camp, nothing can compare to a night spent in a tent under the stars in such fabulous scenery…

You don’t need much for that. Going a few kilometres into the mountains is enough to give you a taste of real adventure and spend it with us.

If you really feel like participating in this winter mountain adventure with us but you don’t have proper equipment – don’t worry! We have everything you will need for winter expedition.

So it is within your reach. Remember – Fortune favours the brave!

We invite you to participate in our winter adventure.

We offer: Full equipment, Experienced guide for the group