Western areas of Ziemia Lubuska consist mainly of forests and water.

There are places, somewhere deep in the woods, on the banks of little rivers, where man has lived and exploited nature’s forces for dozens of centuries. He used to raise fortresses, strongholds, numerous mills, water power stations, glass factories and paper plants. Many of them have irretrievably gone and their remains have covered with moss, thickets hide old foundations testifying their long gone grandness. No roads lead to many of them any longer. It’s only the rivers, constantly carrying on their waters, that can lead us to those mysterious places, long forgotten by  time and people…

You can get to know that unreachable world with us…

We offer:

-Renting of modern double and single polyethylene kayaks.

-Integration kayaking events for companies, organized groups as well as individuals

-Attractive offer for schools and youth groups

-Single and multi-day kayaking expeditions

We provide transport of participants and kayaks, catering


Postomia, Pliszka, Lenka, Lubniewka, Ilanka, Obra, Myśla, Warta and Odra