The National Park „Ujście Warty” (Mouth of the Warta River), backwaters of the Lower Odra or bird hatching sanctuaries, called “Islands of Life” are a mecca for all bird lovers, who come here from all over the world. Where dozens of thousands of cranes, geese, ducks or wading birds gather before their spectacular migration. The biggest number of whooper swans in Poland stay here for the winter and extremely rare oystercatchers or little terns have, for a few years, been secure for hatching.

We have a floating observation platform for our disposal and thanks to this we can approach the vibrant wildlife by just a few metres, safely for the birds. The platforms are called “Islands of Life” – special, floating, large area hatching platforms, where chicks are secure from their biggest threats.

We will be happy to take you there, help you to melt into the surrounding nature and experience an ecstatic adventure in touch with the beauty of the bird world.

We offer:

  • Observation of autumn migration of cranes and geese from a water perspective.
  • Eye to eye with little terns and oystercatchers.
  • “A bird walk” in canoes on the wildest backwaters of the Odra in Porzecze and Stary Kostrzynek.